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Name Elmer Gilbert
Position Head Storyteller
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An experienced roleplayer, LARPer and Storyteller, Elmer's initial experience with roleplaying games came during his high school days. In high school, Elmer became interested in Magic: The Gathering and AD&D 2nd Edition, and branched out into other systems from there, such as Rifts, WEG Star Wars and, of course, White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade and other games. Starting out as a player, he eventually started running D&D games for the local comic shop/gaming store. Late during his teens, he became active in text-based online role-playing games called MUSHes, participating as both a player and staffer on many, primarily Transformers- and superhero-themed games.

Joining his first Vampire LARP, Shadows of the Bluegrass, in 2004 and having his first live-action White Wolf experience hooked him. Elmer participated in not only the local LARP scene but also joined the Camarilla (now the Mind's Eye Society) organization, and has been active in both the MES and local LARP organizations fairly consistently since 2004 as a player and staffer.

LARP Staff Credentials[edit]

  • Nocturne in the Bluegrass Requiem LARP
    • Head Storyteller
    • Narrator (after stepping down)
  • Nox Aeternus Requiem LARP
    • Co-Head Storyteller
  • The Camarilla/Mind's Eye Society
    • Domain Storyteller
    • Venue Storyteller - Requiem
    • Belial's Brood Assistant Regional Storyteller - Requiem
    • Origins Game Fair 2012 - Requiem Venue Second

Characters Played in Bloody Athens[edit]

Riley Kauffman, Toreador (Alive)