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Below you'll find a short synopsis of the games that Bloody Athens has put on, starting with our start date in July 2013. If there is anything that you feel needs to be added to these synopsis, please see Storytelling staff.

July 2013[edit]

July 27th

The Kindred of Lexington are called to Court by Prince Dhamon Kendrick and meet with Sensechal Miriam Winter to discuss recent murders ongoing in Lexington. A number of Kindred, including the local Brujah and a lone Toreador and Caitiff, in their investigation, uncovered a local doctor whose experiments had resulted in a Jekyll/Hyde issue. Battling him, the doctor was killed... which only led to more mystery. Further investigation by local Tremere Magnus revealed that a mysterious ingredient in the formula, Red Two was, in fact, Kindred vitae.

August 2013[edit]

August 3rd

With the murderer brought to 'justice,' the Court of Lexington had spent time looking into and attempting to decipher exactly where Marcus Davenport, the good doctor, gained the Kindred blood for his experiment, with socialization at Alexandra Markham's club, Notorious to discuss what had been discovered. All the while, a robbery, car theft and... theft of Starbucks umbrellas?... plagued the city. Eventually, however, a child wreathed in flames was found in Jacobson Park. A later investigation into this led to the thought that it may be a ghost... or something worse...

August 17th

Leads in the case involving Red Two led the Kindred of Lexington to take a trip to St. Louis. There, the encountered a 'drug mule' ghoul who was working for a Tremere Antitribu. A brief scuffle ensued in which the investigating Kindred managed to get information from the individual about other locations he'd been, and wipe his memory of their visit so that Briley Oates could keep up with him.

September 2013[edit]

October 2013[edit]

November 2013[edit]

December 2013[edit]

December 7th

December 21st

With the capture of Briley Oates by the invading Sabbat, Magnus was forced to make his move, freeing himself and Briley and going to battle with the Sabbat. A gathering of Kindred descended upon the place where Magnus had been held captive, creating a final showdown between the pack and the Kindred of Lexington. In the end, Lexington's Kindred were victorious at driving away the surviving Sabbat and gathering a fair bit of information.

January 2014[edit]

February 2014[edit]

March 2014[edit]

April 2014[edit]

April 5th

The attacks on individuals of alternate lifestyles continued, as did the investigation into the break-in at the Natural History Museum, as the city finds itself with a political problem. Archon of the [:Category:Nosferatu|Nosferatu]] and Dmitri Kasarov of the Ventrue are raised to the position of Primogen. A large political discussion happened in court, and the Primogen vote Alexandra Markham to be found in dereliction of duty and, with the use of their Noble posiitons, stripped her of her status, naming Magnus the Regent Prince.

April 19th

The beginnings of court verified Magnus as the new reigning Prince of the Domain of Lexington. A number of disparate events continued. Investigation into the sewers and leads Thomas, Archon and Dominik Czerny into a hidden torture room, where three torpid Kindred are discovered. This leads to a very heated discussion with Nyx, the prior Nosferatu Primogen. At the same time, the local Anarch Malkavian Khrisis leads a number of individuals to a cave full of odd mushrooms and other magical oddness. And a lead into the potential magical uses of the Aztec mask and daggers that were stolen leads to something extremely mundane.