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The time is the month of October in the year 2013. The Crusade has ended, and the Ivory Tower has been shattered in the city of Atlanta. The call goes out from the newly-established diocese of Atlanta to the Sabbat at large. Letters arrive in the diocese of Mexico City, Detroit, Montreal and many others. Through word of mouth, the news spreads from Cainite to Cainite, gathering the attention of many traveling packs. And many receive a simple rolled parchment, sealed with wax that smells faintly of blood, with the sigil of the Sabbat burned into it.

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In the city of Atlanta, recently-founded club Cathedral of Sin, which caters to the goth and rave scene, has announced that they intend to host a block party the day before, day of, and day after Halloween. Hosted by the owner Evelyn Moore, in honor of both the season and the founding of the club, has promised 'a Halloween event to rival block parties such as Athens, OH's annual All Hallows Eve bash.

Flyers go out, word gets out via word of mouth, text, email and Facebook, and the community of Atlanta -- and even other nearby cities such as Birmingham, Madison, and Savannah -- becomes saturated with advertisements. And excitement. And within the Sabbat, those planning the 'kine kegger' as many younger Sabbat call it, look upon what they have spawned. And smile. For much blood will be spilled this weekend, in honor of Caine, in opposition of the Founders, and into the hungry throats of the Sabbat.

The Game[edit]

Unhallowed Eve aims to have a different feel than the typical session of Bloody Athens LARP. Whether it be exploring what it means to be a monster through vampires that revel in their monstrosity, a chance to expand your roleplaying horizons and play a terribly evil character, or a chance to play the one person who tries to cling to their morality while everyone around them revels in their monstrosity. It's a time to branch out, develop something new and play something that you may not get to play very often.

When: March 28, 29 and 30

  • March 28: Rooms 307 and 309 and surrounding open area spaces
    • 6pm-10pm - This day will primarily consist of soft RP, character creation and some talk about what the game is.
  • March 29: Rooms 307, 309, 357, 359, Center Theatre, and surrounding open area space
    • 5p - 7p (after Changeling: the Lost LARP): Check-in. Bloody Athens staff will be finalizing setup during this time and able to answer any questions you might have. During this time we will be doing our heavy decorating in our extra rooms.
    • 7p-12a: First day of game. This will be a hard RP (challenges can be thrown) session.
  • March 30: Rooms 307, 309, 357, 359, Center Theatre, and surrounding open area space
    • 12p - 2p - Second day check-in for any latecomers.
    • 2p - 7p - Second day of game.

The game itself will be 'backdated,' going on over the night before and the night of Halloween 2013. And the things that go on in the game will have an impact in Bloody Athens' ongoing storyline in our normal Camarilla game.

Awards for the Game and New Players[edit]

In addition to the game itself, Bloody Athens LARP will be having a number of prizes and awards for categories such as Best Costume and Best New Player, which will be handled at the end of Sunday; prizes will include a hardcover and two softcover copies of the new Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade core book, a softcover copy of the Book of Nod, certificates of recognition, and more!

For New Players[edit]

Never played Vampire? Never LARPed at all? New players of any skill or experience level with RPGs and LARPs are welcome. Dedicated members will be more than willing, and happy to help you, with our setting, the game system, and getting yourself prepped and ready to have a good time. The staff of Bloody Athens LARP will provide all materials such as blank character sheets, pregens and a friendly learning curve for new players.

What is the Sabbat?[edit]

A basic description of the Sabbat can be found here.

Information on the specifics of the Palla Grande can be found here.

Okay, I'm sold. What do I need?[edit]

The only thing you need to provide is yourself, an idea of what you might want to play, and if you feel comfortable enough, a costume, ranging from simple to elaborate. We'll help you get the rest of it squared away.

For ideas and inspiration, look at some of your favorite vampire and supernatural media, such as The Lost Boys, Underworld, Interview with the Vampire/The Vampire Chronicles, Blade, Near Dark, and The Originals. The vampires as presented in The Lost Boys and the first two Blade movies are great examples of how Sabbat act. These and many more can be great inspiration for a character, both in concept and costume.

  • We do ask that players wishing to participate be 18+ due to the themes of the game. Players younger than this will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and must have written parental permission in addition to staff approval; no player younger than 16 will be permitted period.

Character Creation[edit]

If you aren't familiar with character creation or want to try out something in particular, the staff of Bloody Athens LARP will have PCs available for use, of various Clans, bloodlines and factions of the Sabbat.

If you feel like making your own character, simply build a character using the Sabbat Setting as per Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade and add 100 Experience Points to the character. And if you don't have access to the book, don't sweat it. Staff will be more than happy to sit down with you and hammer out the vampire you've wanted to play. You can also preview the rules here.


Currently, the only banned option from the book is the True Brujah bloodline. Otherwise, go wild with Clans, weird bloodlines, weird Merits.


If you have questions or need input from staff, feel free to send an email to lexmasqst@gmail.com.