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Caught in the Act
Clan Ravnos
Gender Female
Apparent Age 27
Actual Age Over 400
Status Alive
Character Type PC

Basic Info[edit]

  • Hair: Variable
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Height: 5' 7"
  • Notable Features: Almost always dressed in garb.
  • Status: Independent and proud.

Known Allies[edit]

Magnus, Seneschal of Lexington


Why did Magnus contact her to help get him out of Sabbat hands? Why can she see weird things that even Fred can't see? Why does she act so weird sometimes, like she isn't here anymore?


"Wow, you can read? That's pretty good for a Mick."  ::giggles at Davlin::

"Don't freak out but..." ::grabs weird wriggly worm out of thin air::

"Something doesn't feel right around here. I think that we are all about to burn."  ::prediction after oracular vision::