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A timeline of Lexington can be found here for mortal and real-world details; this document will detail the Kindred-specific portions of the timeline with years that coincide with various dates in the Lexington timeline.

Vampire: The Masquerade Timeline[edit]

A highly generalized timeline can be found here.

Lexington Kindred Timeline[edit]

  • 1810 - Lexington draws the attention of the Ivory Tower due to land prices, which are equal to property prices in Boston.
  • 1815 - Tomas Brauner, a Ventrue, leads a coterie of Camarilla Kindred into the growing city of Lexington. Drawn by the money to be made in hemp and rope manufacturing, the small coterie of five settles into the city of a couple of thousand mortals.
    • Late 1815 - Fayette Hospital is granted charter. Malkavian ‘doctor’ Mallory Baumgartner begins working with Fayette Hospital under an assumed identity of ‘Samuel Grantham’.
Coterie members: Tomas Brauner, Ventrue; Mallory Baumgartner, Malkavian; Rebecca MacMillian, Toreador; Padraig Donnleigh, Gangrel.
  • 1830 – Immigrant workers move in to work on the burgeoning Lexington-Ohio Railroad, bringing with them additional Kindred of the Ivory Tower. With the addition of the new Kindred, a small court forms with the Elder Ventrue, Brauner, claiming the Prince position of the small praxis.
    • New Kindred arrivals: Kimball, Nosferatu; Annika Hartmann, Toreador; Silas Hogan, Tremere; Dhamon Kendrick, Brujah. Graham Collins, Ventrue. Three or four other neonate Kindred exist in Lexington, all Gangrel.
  • 1833 - Annika works behind the scenes, helping abolitionists make illegal the importation of slaves. This is later overturned, bringing the ire of those whose businesses revolve around this (such as Brauner) against Annika.
  • 1851 - Annika leaves Lexington upon declaration that emancipated slaves must leave the state. Rumors abound that Annika also left due to her social faux pas in the past.
  • 1852 - Big Sandy Rail Company established with behind the scenes influence from Prince Brauner.
  • 1857 - Tomas Brauner abdicates praxis after the national financial crisis causes rail construction to cease. Donnleigh takes praxis due to his wartime experience in anticipation of violence.
  • 1861 - Civil War breaks out. Kindred, for the most part, stay out of it in the divided state of Kentucky.
    • During the Civil War, a small Sabbat pack enters the area during General John Hunt Morgan’s raids in the state. The pack. made up of nearly entirely Gangrel Antitribu and a couple of Ravnos, are met with force from Donnleigh and his small, but valiant Gangrel contingent. The fighting lasts only for a few nights, as the local Gangrel’s familiarty with the area makes up for their smaller numbers, and the pack is destroyed.
    • Kindred lay low during the Civil War in Lexington due to Lexington’s ‘neutrality’ in the conflict. Internal conflict exists between Donnleigh and Graham over the lack of interference in mortal affairs that endangers the Ivory Tower.
    • The Nosferatu allow Kindred to use the natural tunnels under Lexington to pass unnoticed throughout the city, for various prices. Kimball embraces a childer, a local artist, Helena Braithwaite.
  • 1875 - Graham, who has his ghouls in local horse breeding, faciliatates and opens Red Mile harness racing track, returning some power to the Bluebloods.
  • 1887 - Lexington Opera House founded with monetary assistance from Brauner and MacMillian, particularly MacMillian.
  • 1890 - Annika returns to Lexington after the foundation of Laura Clay’s Kentucky Equal Rights Association, along with her childer Harvey Wallace and two other Kindred, the Malkavian Gerard Quinn and the Tremere Erik Larsson.
    • Annika clashes socially and politically with Brauner and the Ventrue, though the social power of the Toreador Clan gives Annika some extra clout.

Donnleigh falls to the Beast, and is killed in a protracted battle with the Elder Gangrel; Rebecca MacMillian claims Praxis with the backing of the Toreador, Ventrue, Malkavian and Nosferatu Clans.

  • 1897 - A second pack of Sabbat, a number of Nosferatu and Gangrel, enter into the city from the Warrens. A bloody battle happens between the Nosferatu of Lexington and this Sabbat Pack,
  • 1908 - Investments from the five major Clans represented, particularly the Ventrue and Tremere, help allow the Agriculture and Mechanical College to become a State College.
  • 1916 - State University becomes University of Kentucky.
  • 1920 - A local jazz club, Notorious, is opened by Jonas Talbot, with a high society investor named Alexandra Markham, a local transplant from Chicago, investing heavily in the club.
  • 1922 - Local Toreador musician and actor, Patrick Franklin, invests in and assists in the opening of Kentucky Theatre.
  • 1925 - Enamored with Alexandra Markahm, Patrick Franklin embraces her with permission from the Prince and Toreador Primogen, to bring Alexandra’s high society connections and money to the clan.
  • 1930 - Dr. Baumgartner brings a few Malkavians to the city, including Miriam Winter. Miriam Winter quickly proves herself poltiically apt, despite her penchant for referring to the other Kindred of the city as ‘her children,’ and is appointed Seneschal due to her accumen.
  • 1935 - Ventrue resources invest in, but do not interfere with, the founding and opening of Keeneland. Local Ventrue and other Kindred in the business of horse breeding gain a significant monetary increase due to Keeneland’s sales focus.
    • Prince MacMillian issues edict for Kindred not to directly interfere in the functions, barring positive investment, of the Unviersity of Kentucky, and claims it as personal domain.
    • MacMillian and Baumgartner work out an investment plan, with Baumgartner beginning to funnel money and focus into the University.
  • 1949 - ‘Abolitionist’ Annika, as she is now called behind her back, hosts a gathering in honor of Lyman T. Johnson’s success in his discrimination lawsuit against the Universtiy of Kentucky’s graduate program. The next night, Annika is nowhere to be found; Franklin ascends to Toreador Primogen as well as gaining much of Annika’s money and other influence.
    • Gangrel grandchilde of Donnleigh, Karissa Edwards, comes to Lexington and gets in good with the local Gangrel and city proper, becoming Gangrel Primogen.
  • 1956 - College of Medicine is opened at UK, with Baumgartner focusing his efforts and funding there, as well as some funding to Eastern State.
  • 1962 - Franklin, waning in Humanity, attempts to diablerize his childe Alexandra, and is killed in the conflict. A ‘trial’ of sorts is held, with Markham cleared of any wrongdoing, and afterwards, Alexandra becomes Toreador Primogen.
  • 1968 - A larger Sabbat force manages to slip into the city, led by a Lasombra and consisting of a number of Panders, Gangrel and one Tzimisce. Court, held at the Opera House, is attacked; a protracted battle spills into nearby streets, with a number of Kindred slain during the battle. Though not completely wiped out, the Sabbat are driven out by the combined efforts of the Nosferatu (led by Zero), Brujah (led by Dhamon Kendrick) and Gangrel (Karissa Edwards). This is conveniently timed with a heavy wind storm, used to cover up the damage.
    • Known as the Night of Ash due to the amount of Kindred deaths (roughly a third of Lexington’s [NPC] population), Prince Rebecca MacMillian is a notable casualty of this conflict, and Dhamon Kendrick rises to claim praxis in her stead. Miriam remains Seneschal. Zero is also slain, with the female Nosferatu Nyx becoming their Primogen.
      • Current Major Kindred:
        • Dhamon Kendrick, Brujah, Prince
        • Miriam Winter, Malkavian, Seneschal
        • Franco Bertinelli, Gangrel, Keeper of Elysium
        • Alexandra Markham, Toreador Primogen
        • Mallory Baumgartner, Malkavian Primogen.
        • Karissa Edwards, Sheriff and Gangrel Primogen.
        • Nyx, Nosferatu Primogen.
        • Timothy Larsen, Tremere Primogen.
        • Graham Edwards, Ventrue Primogen
        • Taylor Malloy, Brujah Primogen
  • 1976 - Lexington Opera House renovation finished, with additional money from Clan Toreador. A grand party is hosted by Alexandra Markham.
  • 1985 - Jasper Reynolds, a local Brujah Anarch, is involved in a scandal involving finances, a building and the local Ventrue. In repayment of his transgressions, Jasper is given a choice by Graham Edwards -- swear to the Camarilla, or be expunged. Jasper and a couple of other Brujah involved choose to swear to the Camarilla in order to forestall execution.