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The staff of Bloody Athens LARP is a small group, divided up into two divisions: Storytelling and Logistics. As the game grows in size, the size of the staff will grow as well, to accommodate our players.

Storytelling staff includes a Head Storyteller, Assistant STs and Narrators that handle the in-character setting, plots, mechanics and resolutions such as Challenges. The Head and Assistant Storytellers will handle all aspects of the in-game world; Narrators are empowered to throw challenges and assist with the outcomes, but are not privy to plot details that STs are.

Logistics staff includes a Head Administrator and any assistants they choose to bring on, and handles out-of-character issues such as securing game sites, any monetary or item donations to the game, and player relations such as OOC conflict resolution.

Storytelling Staff[edit]

Logistics Staff[edit]

  • Head Administrator - Michelle Couture
    • Administrative Assistant: