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The Social Contract could be considered the 'rules' of the LARP from an out-of-character standpoint. It'll detail what our basic principles are, some notes on IC/OOC division, and information about expectations in the game. This document is an open statement about the goals of game we are running, the expectations of staff from the players, and what players should expect from staff. It will remain here so that we can refer back to if we need. This will change over time as we play the game, and feedback is always appreciated.

General Principles[edit]

The Players[edit]

Rule Number One is 'Respect Each Other'. Treat each other the way you would want to be treated, be cordial and civil to each other. This rule is the most important because, without each other, we cannot have a LARP that is satisfying and dynamic.

The Venue[edit]

Rule Number Two is 'Respect the Venue'. Please keep it clean and orderly, and make sure that things you bring (such as props) for game do not leave any mess or damage in the location. Failure to do so could result in our loss of location and monetary loss as well.


We're all here to enjoy our shared interest in Vampire: The Masquerade and LARPing. But just remember that, even on the other side of the character that you hate, there's a person. A person who is here to have fun, just as much as you are. Remember that your fun is not more important than their fun, just like their fun is not more important than your fun or the fun of others.

The game is about cooperative storytelling, not who 'wins' the LARP, and while conflicts may arise, remember: it's only a game, and we're all here to have fun. Always endeavor to create a positive environment for everyone, and be cordial and helpful on an OOC level. Staff will do our best to make sure that this is handled evenly across the board, as well as from the Storytelling side of the game.

What To Expect From Staff[edit]

Our staff is very small, ranging through only a few individuals between both the Storytelling and Logistics side of the equation. However, we make a few promises to everyone involved in Bloody Athens LARP.


Staff will endeavor to be fair at all times, ranging from game rules and building NPCs, to dealing with instances of cheating or OOC personality conflicts. We will do our best to be fair and above-board with our actions, and to not let our personal biases or opinions interfere with the running of the game. We will impartially look into and investigate problems that are brought to our attention and attempt to make decisions that enhance the LARP for everyone.


We're all human, and we're all here to have fun. Staff will endeavor to communicate in a timely and concise manner with players, answering their questions as best as well can. But please, be patient with staff, particularly Storytelling Staff. We're all here to have fun, but we -- just like you -- have lives outside of Bloody Athens LARP that may take up large chunks of time.

What Staff Expects From You[edit]

As the game grows, this section will probably see some additions based on things we feel need addressed. We will make announcements when topics are added to the Social Contract, so that everyone can refer to it accordingly.


Just like we are going to try to be fair and impartial to everyone OOCly, we expect the same from our players. Treat each other like you would want to be treated, which includes attempting to be cordial and handle problems with respect to the other person. After all, what you might construe as cheating might be a misremembering or misreading of a rule or game topic; or what you feel as an OOC reason for killing your character, might have an entirely valid in-game reason to.

IC/OOC Division[edit]

In many games, things can get heated. People can read much into actions taken by another player, and sometimes can make a leap to the conclusion that a particular IC action was taken for OOC reasons. We ask that our players keep in mind the following topics:

IC Actions = IC Consequences (ICA=ICC)[edit]

Many things happen in a game, and in Vampire, many of those things can result in consequences to a character, up to and including death or forced retirement. And those events can cause strong feelings in many directions. Always remember that what you do ICly has a consequence, and endeavor to be a good sport about whatever happens to your character.

Staff will do our best to make sure that everything is on the level and that no cheating or other OOC issue comes into this. As with any topic, please bring these up to Storytelling or Logistics staff before or after game or during downtime within a game, and we will discuss it.

OOC Biases into IC Events[edit]

Many times, people will take things that happen to their characters as OOC attacks upon themselves. Please endeavor to remember that, while you may feel that way, it is almost certainly not an issue of that. We all get engrossed into our characters but remember, behind the facade of that terrible monster is another person just trying to get their game on.

If you have a good reason to believe such, please inform a member of staff and we will look into it to the best of our ability.

OOC Actions = OOC Consequences (OCA=OCC)[edit]

Much like IC actions, things that you do OOC -- ranging from cheating, to personally attacking another player in-game for out of game reasons, to many others -- will result in penalties from the game, up to an including expulsion from the LARP. Please keep this in mind

In Closing[edit]

The rules are pretty easy, as they all really boil down to one thing:

Be awesome to each other.

If you have concerns, talk to staff or each other. Many problems that arise are issues with communication and can likely be worked out by talking. Don't take things over-seriously or personally; we're all here for a game, and a game is full of ups and downs. No one can win at everything forever, and those down turns in a character's existence can be as fun and interesting to roleplay as the upswings in a character's existence. Just keep this in mind as you play.