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Many of our players have little experience with Masquerade, particularly in a LARP setting. As such, we will be playing a bit fast and loose with the setting, though will endeavor to be as true to the base setting of Vampire: The Masquerade as possible; however, there will be alterations to the setting to make things work better for our game. The major alterations to the setting are being done in order to facilitate better play and to allow for plot alterations as we wish. Some events may play out the same during our chronicle, and some events may play out wildly differently. If you have a particular setting event that you have questions about, please contact a member of the Storytelling Staff.

General Setting: The Eternal Struggle[edit]

The Camarilla remains, in the Modern Nights, engaged in a struggle on multiple fronts: within itself, with their age-old enemy the Sabbat, and with the continued existence and expansion of the Anarch Movement. Though many of the elders of the Kindred view the Anarch Movement as a simple distraction for the neonates and ancillae, they keep a wary eye on the Movement. Of the Sabbat, the Camarilla continues to fight against the Sword of Caine wherever they can, attempting to destroy their leadership in an attempt to topple their eternal enemies. And finally, Independent Clans are still dealt with on a case by case basis, though with the potential for infiltration by the Sabbat or other, more abominable, individuals and sects. And within the Ivory Tower itself, the struggle for blood, power and prestige continues unabated.

But not everything is able to be dealt with as directly. Here and there Gehenna cults raise their heads, only to be struck off like the head of a hydra, bound to return, just like the mythological creature, for many believe that the Final Nights are approaching. Reports of ancients awakening in many parts of the world filter down, regarded as everything from rumor to outright fabrication. And beyond this, the world remains full of mystery and darkness, as other supernaturals that the Kindred have little to no knowledge of continue their nights alongside the Kindred.

So the world has been for millennia. But will it remain that way?

  • A highly generalized timeline can be found here.
  • Lexington-specific timeline can be found here.

Setting Alterations[edit]

The setting of Bloody Athens LARP uses the base Vampire: The Masquerade setting, with a few alterations:

  • Gehenna has not started; Wormwood has not yet appeared in the sky.
  • The Gangrel have not left Camarilla at the behest of Xaviar.
  • The Assamite Schism has not happened, Ur-Shulgi remains in torpor, and the Blood Curse is currently unbroken.
  • The Week of Nightmares has not happened, and so the Ravnos are not a nearly extinct Clan.
  • The Kuei-Jin have not yet made their press into the West Coast as the New Promise Madarinate, and the area is still the Anarch Free State.

Our game focuses on the struggles of the Camarilla to maintain power and a hold on Lexington, with the ploys and upheaval of the Anarchs in their own backyard, and the incursions of the Sabbat into the territory. The events in other parts of the world will still be going on and our players can, if they wish, become involved in those events.

Setting of Lexington[edit]

The Domain of Lexington, the Athens of the West as it has been called in the past, has been in existence since the early 1800s, when the Camarilla's attention was drawn here. In that time, Lexington has been a city of much intrigue, both within the Camarilla's local hierarchy and from without, from the dauntless enemy the Sabbat. Throughout all of this, Lexington has struggled with many things, ranging from economic collapses and the Civil War in the past, to the modern recessions, wars and intrigues. But the Kindred population has survived and thrived, even with all of these struggles on the mortal front, not to mention the struggles that only those immortals can endure. As a younger domain, Lexington has always been stratified, the Elders, Ancillae and Neonates; the haves and have-nots, and this has been a point of contention in the past.

The Domain was originally investigated by one of the Bluebloods, Tomas Brauner, and his coterie, who were looking to make a name for themselves as (at the time) up-and-coming Ancilla of the Camarilla, Lexington's driving factor was the land prices: at the time, rivaling that of Boston, which drew in the Kindred in 1815. Brauner's coterie, very cosmopolitan in makeup, would lay the foundation for the more 'modern' Lexington, bringing with the him his closest Toreador, Malkavian and Gangrel allies. This began the foundation of a true Kindred domain in the city, with Brauner claiming the Praxis in 1830 when more Kindred trickled in with the formation of the Lexington-Ohio Railroad. Throughout history, Lexington has been host to primarily Camarilla Kindred, with a smattering of Independent Clans here and there.

Throughout the history of Lexington, Kindred have played their games, and control of the city has changed: Elders have fallen to their Beast and even the small, sporadic Sabbat that have attempted to destabilize the city. In 1968, Lexington had its most recent interference by the Sabbat, what locals call the Night of Ash, where many court Kindred died in destroying and driving away the Sabbat, bringing the city to it’s current Praxis, held in the sway of the Brujah Dhamon Kendrick, which has maintained into the modern nights. But the Camarilla has endured, remaining in control of the city as Ancillae become Elders, and Neonates become Ancillae. So it has been, and so it shall be.

Other Supernaturals[edit]

The focus of this LARP is on Vampire: The Masquerade. As such, the setting material, and use of, other supernatural creatures such as Magi, Garou and others will be extremely sporadic. Any use of other supernatural creatures' setting elements, or the creatures themselves, will be vetted by the Head Storyteller before doing so.