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Long ago, the vampiric world was plunged into rebellion. Young Cainites rose up against their elders and demanded to be free from the chains of blood. Within the still-burning ashes of that revolution, a weapon of hatred and defiance was forged: a sect of vampires now called the Sabbat. Some know the Sabbat as the Sword of Caine: an army created to fight and defeat the Antediluvians, ancient vampires who will awaken during the final nights of the world. Others know the sect as the Church of the Dark Father: a religion based on embracing vampirism, reveling in dark purpose, and revering the most ancient vampire, the legendary Caine.

In truth, the sect is both. The Sabbat was founded on bold ideals: freedom and unity, faith and free will. Its members are the reverent flock of the first vampire, celebrating their undead nature and inhuman condition. At its heart, the Sabbat is a cult. Members are taught to believe the End Times are nigh, and that Gehenna will bring the return of Caine and a reward to their labors in his name. Until then, the Sabbat fights a war of freedom and survival against the Camarilla, who are considered slaves of the Antediluvians, while struggling to balance personal freedom and the necessary bonds of alliance. Founded by the Lasombra and the Tzimisce clans, who make up a majority of the sect, the Sabbat harbors all manner of unusual vampires. From the antitribu of the major clans to a smattering of rare bloodlines, the church opens its doors to all vampires who follow in the footsteps of Caine.

Sabbat spend their nights among small, loyal packs, sharing vitae in dark rituals and bloody rites. Religious clergy vie for authority against militant ducti, while the zealots of the Black Hand fight a cold war with the agents of the Sabbat Inquisition. The Sword of Caine is beset by ideological rifts, infernal agents, and mortal hunters, consumed by strife both inside and out. Yet the sect stands unyielding, refusing to surrender or be enslaved. Victory will take strength. It will take cunning. It will take faith.

Welcome to the Sabbat.