Randolph Morrison Clay

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Randolph Morrison Clay/Too Many Aliases to list here.
Save it kid, I've seen it before...
Clan The House of Tremere
Gender Male
Apparent Age Embraced in his mid 40's
Actual Age 100+
Status Alive
Character Type PC

Basic Info[edit]

  • Hair:Brown/Grey
  • Eyes:Grey
  • Height:5' 8"
  • Notable Features: Something of an Extravert, unusual among Tremere.
  • Status:
    • Abiding: Acknowledged, Confirmed, Privileged, Enforcer,
    • Fleeting: Loyal, Honorable, Courageous,

Known Allies[edit]

Works particularly hard to make as few enemies as possible.


  • Is known to be able to command the power of fire.
  • Was supposedly a charlattan in his breathing life.


"Keep your nose clean." -R. Clay

Announcements from the Office of the Sheriff