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This page exists for archival purposes of the house rules as they existed before the changeover to MET: Vampire the Masquerade in Oct. 2013.

Current House Rules[edit]

For many games, certain aspects of the published material, be it a particularly overpowered supernatural power, somethign that disrupts the feel of the game or something that was poorly playtested, simply do not fit. Additionally, occasionally certain things simply need to be altered to make things flow more efficiently. The Storytelling Staff of Bloody Athens LARP, due to switching from a Mind's Eye Society game, is using an altered version of the MES addendum, as Storytelling Staff feels that a lot of clarifications and fixes within it are appropriate. If you have questions, comments, or concerns please contact a member of Storytelling Staff.

Approved Books[edit]

The following books are approved for players to take Traits, Derangements, Combination Powers, Merits and Flaws for used in Bloody Athens LARP.

  • Laws of the Night: Revised
  • Laws of the Night: Camarilla Guide
  • Laws of the Night: Sabbat Guide
  • Laws of the Night: Anarch Guide
  • Laws of the Night: Storyteller Guide
  • Mind's Eye Theatre: Dark Epics
    • Dark Epics has expanded Influence rules, additional Ability Traits and simplified Equipment. These are the ONLY three sections from this book sanctioned for Bloody Athens LARP.
  • Clanbook Assamite (Revised) (WW2359)
  • Clanbook Brujah (Revised) (WW2351)
  • Clanbook Followers of Set (Revised) (WW2360)
  • Clanbook Gangrel (Revised) (WW2352)
  • Clanbook Giovanni (Revised) (WW2363)
  • Clanbook Lasombra (Revised) (WW2362)
  • Clanbook Malkavian (Revised) (WW2353)
  • Clanbook Nosferatu (Revised) (WW2354)
  • Clanbook Ravnos (Revised) (WW2364)
  • Clanbook Toreador (Revised) (WW2356)
  • Clanbook Tremere (Revised) (WW2357)
  • Clanbook Tzimisce (Revised) (WW2361)
  • Clanbook Ventrue (Revised) (WW2358)

Downtime Actions[edit]

A character gets three (3) Downtime Actions between game sessions. Downtimes can be used in the following ways:

  • Influence Actions - A character may perform Influence actions as if they were performing them at a session. One Downtime can be used to use up to three (3) Influence categories; this does count towards the monthly use of total levels of Influence.
  • Feeding - Feeding during downtime automatically has the character come in at a full Blood Pool, rather than having to do the normal Feeding Test.
  • Learning - A character may use their Mentor Background or other backgrounds to attempt to learn the following:
    • Lores
    • Out-of-Clan Disciplines
  • Other - There are many, many things that a character may want to do. Feel free to send them in as downtimes; if Storytelling Staff has a question, they will let you know if they have questions or need further information.

Downtime actions should be submitted via the Downtime Form.

Character Creation and Records[edit]

Please see the Character Creation document for the methods to create a character.

  • Character Records: All characters must have a completed character sheet, including a by-item log of 'Start Traits' and a by-line log of Experience Point awards and expenditures. Storytelling Staff must also have a copy of this on file, either via an electronic document or a second physical copy.
    • Any discrepancy between the Storytelling Staff copy of a sheet, and the player copy of the sheet will result in a default to the Storytelling Staff copy.
      • Until the changeover to Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade, Storytelling Staff is willing to be lax on having a completed by-item Starting Traits log, due to the character rewrite that will happen at the changeover.


Due to the length of the rules, particularly for individuals that may be coming from games that used extensive combat House Rules or from only New World of Darkness games, please refer to the Combat Primer.

Wound Penalties[edit]

Rather than grant your opponent Win On Ties, you are considered down three traits on all challenges.

Sect Membership[edit]

Currently, characters may only be members of the Camarilla or Anarch Movement sects.

  • Characters who are Anarchs, please refer to the Setting document.

Clan Alterations[edit]

Due to some alterations to the setting (such as the Assamite setting notations noted in Setting and Timeline) documents, alterations to Clan concerns from Laws of the Night: Revised are covered here.

Age and Background Restrictions[edit]


  • No character may be more than 700 years old. Additionally, while there is no age requirement for particular Generations, certain Generations tend to be less common the further back you get. For example, during the Dark Ages, a 13th Generation was considered a Thin Blood. When making backgrounds, please keep this in mind.


  • Characters who have a significant amount of background events and participation in the World of Darkness should fill out a Development Document. This will be beneficial to Storytelling Staff, and allow them to have both a better insight into your character and the capability to use background events to create personalized plot for you (and also, the DevDoc nets you 10 XP!).


  • Spent Attribute Traits refresh at the beginning of each scene, or hour. Willpower may be used to refresh Attribute Traits as described below within a given scene or hour.
  • The experience costs and Trait maximums for Attribute Traits have been changed. A character's Generation determines their Attribute Trait maximums, but the maximums are as follows:
    • Experience Cost: 3
    • 13th through 8th Generation Maximum: 15
    • 7th and 6th Maximum: 18
    • 5th and lower Maximum: ??


  • Spent Ability Traits refresh at the next sunset, when a vampire awakens.
  • Linguistics: Characters with the Linguistics Ability gain 2 additional languages for each level. Thus, at Linguistics x1 a character will have 2 additional languages in addition to their native language, while at Linguistics x5 a character will have 10 languages in addition to their native language. For other specifics of languages, refer to Laws of the Night: Revised
  • Lore: Characters receive the first level of Kindred Lore, their Sect Lore, and their sire's Clan Lore for free at character creation, and two more to divide amongst those three Lores (or other Lore with Storyteller Approval) at character creation. So a starting character might have Kindred Lore x2, Clan Lore x1, Camarilla Lore x1 and Sabbat Lore x1 (having spent their points on Kindred and Sabbat Lore).
    • Giovanni may purchase Wraith Lore with these free points. Otherwise, for non-Vampire Lores, Head Storyteller approval is required.
  • Crafts, Politics, and Science: As per Laws of the Night: Revised these must have an area of expertise/specialization, such as Politics (Eastern Europe) or Politics (Anarchs). Kindred-specific specialties in Politics outside of your Sect or Clan require good justification.



  • Generation may not be taken as a normal Background with Free Traits or Experience Points; for the game's current rules for Generation, please refer to Character Creation.
    • After character creation, further traits of Generation may only be acquired through diablerie.


  • The Military and Espionage Influence categories are not sanctioned in Bloody Athens LARP.
  • Used Influence Traits restore at the beginning of the month, not per session.
  • Influences may not be purchased higher than Level 5. The only way to utilize Influences of a Level 6 or higher is to utilize the Combine action (see below).
    • The additional actions from Dark Epics starting on pg. 64 are in use in Bloody Athens LARP, with alterations listed below.
    • Attack: Levels of Influences lost through Attack may be regained by either the expenditure of XP or the use of the Growth action.
      • The example under Attack is contradictory to the description. Banked Growth Actions are lost upon a successful Attack Action.
    • Combine: Combine may be used to perform Influence Actions of Levels 6 to 10. For the Influence Actions at those levels, see Laws of the Night: Camarilla Guide.
    • Growth: Characters must still spend XP to purchase levels of Influence gained through the use of the Growth Action. Growth is also used to recover levels of Influence lost through the Attack Action.
  • Using Influences in other areas of the country, and even the world, can be done with Storytelling Staff approval. Some actions may require the Fame Merit of a particular level to enact. Please see Storytelling Staff with questions.


This Background is only available to those of the 14th and 15th Generation.


  • Characters may not have a canon NPC (such as Beckett, Anatole or Lucita y Aragon) as a Mentor. Refer to Laws of the Night: Revised for further information on the Mentor Background.
    • Abuse of the Mentor Background may result in a lowering or loss of levels. This will be adjudicated on a case-by-case basis by Storytelling Staff. If a player loses levels of Mentor in this way, they are considered 'held in reserve' and the character may regain them through Downtime Actions to represent repairing the relationship with their Mentor or finding a new one.

Military Force[edit]

This Background is not sanctioned in Bloody Athens LARP.


A Level 1 Retainer is built as follows:

  • Attributes: 6/5/3
  • Abilities: 5
  • Humanity: 3
  • Willpower: 1
    • Every additional level of the Retainer grants them 5 XP, to a maximum of 20 XP.
    • Retainers gain no XP throughout the life of the chronicle.
    • Retainers may be humans or Ghouls. Certain clans may have a Wraith Retainer; please see a member of Storytelling Staff for specifics on Wraith Retainers.
      • Retainers may be purchased for the specific purpose of increasing the amount of Influence a character may maintain. Retainers purchased in this manner do not need a character sheet.

Merits and Flaws[edit]

  • Characters may only gain 7 Free Traits from Flaws, and take only up to 7 points worth of Merits.
    • Additional Flaws may be taken if a player wishes, but they receive no Free Traits for Flaws that put them over the maximum of 7 Free Traits.
  • Merits and Flaws that are no longer applicable to the character, or that Storytelling Staff feels are being abused, may be replaced with appropriate traits of Merits and Flaws.
  • Merits that would grant Bonus Traits instead grant a free Retest on the challenge that they normally would have granted the Traits. These Retests are used in place of an Ability retest, not in addition to. This Merit Retest may be used once per session.


  • Merits may be taken from the following sources by all characters:
    • Laws of the Night: Revised
    • Laws of the Night: Camarilla Guide
    • Laws of the Night: Sabbat Guide
      • Only characters who are members of the Anarch Movement sect may take Merits from the Laws of the Night: Anarch Guide.
  • Clanbook Merits are only available to those of that Clan (IE: the Merit Dynamic Personality is only available to Brujah).
  • Merits that cause a physical change to a character such as Oversized Fangs may not be used in conjunction with a full-body transformation power.
  • Animal Traits (Clanbook: Gangrel)
    • All Animal Traits are considered a 2 point Merit.
  • Calm Heart
    • This Merit functions as per Laws of the Night: Revised rather than granting a Retest as described above.
  • Iron Will
    • Not sanctioned.
  • Lucky
    • Lucky provides a free retest once per session.
  • Magic Resistance
    • This Merit functions as per its normal writeup, as an exception to the Merit Retest rule above.
  • Prestigious Sire
    • This Merit may not represent a canon NPC.
  • Supernatural Ally
    • Having an ally that is not a Vampire (or Wraith in certain cases) requires approval of the Head Storyteller.
  • True Faith
    • Not sanctioned.
  • Unbondable
    • Not sanctioned.

For questions about any other Merits, please see a member of Storytelling Staff.


  • Fifteenth Generation
    • If a character takes this flaw, they may not acquire disciplines above first Intermediate.
  • Fourteenth Generation
    • The version of this flaw in use is from the Anarch Guide. Characters of the Fourteenth Generation may not have Disciplines higher than second Intermediate.
  • Infamous Sire
    • This merit may not represent a canon NPC.
  • Mistaken Identity
    • Resemblance to another Player Character with this flaw requires the approval of that player. This restriction does not affect NPCs created by the Storytelling Staff.


  • Willpower may be used to prevent a frenzy for 10 minutes of normal time, or three turns of combat time.
  • Using Willpower to replenish an Attribute Trait Category may be performed once per category per night.
  • Willpower is spent to gain a retest on a Social or Mental challenge, rather than negate the challenge. Willpower may not retest a Mental vs. Physical challenge.


Due to the length of the document, Discipline house rules and alterations can be found in House Rules/Disciplines.

Change to Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade[edit]

As mentioned in the Social Contract, the Storytelling Staff of Bloody Athens LARP plans to change to By Night Studios Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade when the book is released. As such, a new document will supersede this one at that time. However, the character creation system is very similar, and in some cases characters will actually GAIN dots on their sheet due to the updated character creation system. If you have questions, please see a member of Storytelling Staff.

Additionally, for ease of reference, Storytelling Staff is linking all of the MET:VtM playtest documents here so that players can peruse them as they wish.