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The character creation rules used in Bloody Athens LARP are listed below. These include a repeat of the altered XP costs from our House Rules, for ease of reference. This document will change once Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade is released and the LARP performs the changeover to the new system.

Starting Character[edit]

A starting character is built as per Laws of the Night: Revised, compiled below for ease of access.

Available Traits can only be taken from the books listed in House Rules.

  • Choose a Nature (your true self) and Demeanor (the self you show to the world).
  • Choose a Clan. Clans are divided into three Tiers: Common, Uncommon and Rare. Uncommon Clans require a good backstory and reasoning for them to be in Lexington. Rare Clans require the approval of the Head Storyteller.
    • Common: Brujah, Caitiff, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere, Ventrue
    • Uncommon: Giovanni, Ravnos, Assamite (Warrior and Vizier), Follower of Set
    • Rare: All others.
  • Attribute Traits: Prioritize the Attribute Categories (Physical, Social, and Mental) and assign the following amount of Traits:
    • Primary: Seven (7)
    • Secondary: Five (5)
    • Tertiary: Three (3)
  • Ability Traits
    • Five (5)
  • Disciplines
    • Choose 3 Basic Disciplines from your In-Clan Disciplines
      • Example: A Toreador might start with Awe, Dread Gaze, and Alacrity.
  • Backgrounds
    • Five (5) spread amongst any applicable Backgrounds
    • Generation may NOT be chosen or purchased (see below).
  • Generation: The Generation Background is not available as normal. All newly created characters may lower their Generation to 11th for free.
    • A player can opt to NOT take this Generation; instead, for each Generation trait not taken, the character gains an extra 10 Experience Points, for a maximum of 20 extra XP.
  • Virtue Traits: Characters default to Humanity. Each of the three Virtues (Conscience, Self-Control, Courage) automatically has one Trait. Alternate Paths of Enlightenment are subject to ST discretion; we would ask that most players stay on Humanity, as it is the easiest to deal with.
    • Divide Seven (7) traits up among the three Virtues.
    • Morality (Humanity) is calculated by adding Conscience and Self-Control and dividing by 2.
      • Special rules exist for characters who are on a Path of Enlightenment; please see a member of Storytelling Staff for details if you have gotten the approval to be on a Path.
  • Record Willpower: Starting Willpower is based on Generation. The amounts are altered from the book.
    • 13th through 11th Generation
      • Starting Willpower: Four (4) Willpower.
      • Maximum Willpower: Ten (10) Willpower.
    • 10th and lower: Per Laws of the Night: Revised
  • Free Traits
    • Five (5) automatically.
    • Free Traits are like Experience Points, added to a character at creation. In addition to the Five Free Traits, characters may gain up to Five (5) Free Traits in the following ways:
      • Negative Attribute Traits: Each Negative Attribute Trait taken grants One (1) Free Trait.
      • Morality: Lowering your Morality by one grants Two (2) Free Traits.
      • Derangements: Taking a Derangement from an approved book (see House Rules) graints Two (2) Free Traits.
      • Flaws: A character may gain up to Seven (7) Free Traits from taking flaws from approved books.
  • Experience Points
    • Five (5) plus any from the Generation Trade Off mentioned above, for a maximum of 25 XP.
  • Spend Free Traits and Experience Points
    • Spend the Free Traits and XP gained above, using the costs below.

Free Trait and Experience Point Costs[edit]

A couple of the XP costs have changed; these are noted in the tables below, as copied from our House Rules.

Free Trait Costs
Merits 1-for-1
Attribute 3
Ability 1
Ability Specialization 1
Discipline (up to Level 2) 3 (including Out-of-Clan)
Background 1
Virtue 2
Morality 3
Willpower 3
Experience Point Costs
Merits Double the listed value
Attribute 3
Ability 1
Ability Specialization 1
In-Clan Discipline Basic: 3 / Intermediate: 6 / Advanced: 9 / Elder: 12
Out-of-Clan Discipline Basic: 4 / Intermediate: 8 / Advanced: 12 / Elder: 16
Combo Power As listed, or half tabletop value if unlisted
Background 1
Virtue 2
Morality 3
Willpower 3

Current Characters[edit]

We are not requiring a rewrite for current, local, Mind's Eye Society characters; the XP and Generation granted by your MC still applies, as Blood Athens LARP would like a spread of Generations and power levels between 13th and 9th Generation. However, if you would like to rewrite aspects of your character, you may; please see the Head Storyteller before doing so, to go over the specifics. Additionally, any returning local MES player may apply their current MC (so a player with MC2 would have 10XP and the remaining base as defined above).

Conversion to Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade[edit]

At the current time, we are planning to convert to the By Night Studios Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade system when it is released. At this time, based on the Alpha Slice playtest document, we have done a few test conversions and are finding that the XP currently in play will be sufficient to allow players to have most, if not all, of the things currently on their sheets. This policy, and character creation, will be revised once the book is released.