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Nyx (Mask: Nadia Mykonos)
Keep your nose clean. Otherwise the rest of you will get... a little dirty.
Clan Nosferatu
Gender Female
Apparent Age (Mask) Late 20s; (True) Mid-30s?
Actual Age 300+
Status Alive
Character Type NPC

Basic Info[edit]

  • Character Inspiration: Tess Mercer (Smallville)
  • Hair: (Mask) Blonde; (True) None
  • Eyes: (Mask) Green; (True) Orange
  • Height: 5' 8"
  • Notable Traits: (Mask) Long blonde hair, Grecian features, leather outfit; (True) Bald, extra knuckles and joints in fingers.
  • Status: Acknowledged
    • Abiding: Noble, Confirmed, Established, Privileged
    • Fleeting:
  • Position: Nosferatu Primogen

Public History[edit]

Nyx has been in the city for some time, only showing up on the fringes of Kindred society until the Night of Ash. There, she was a stalwart combatant alongside her sire, the previous Primogen, Zero. After the Night of Ash, Nyx has had a barely-veiled hatred of Miriam Winter. Nyx herself attends court openly occasionally, though most believe that she is there and just hidden using the Nosferatu's gifts to watch and gather information.

Known Allies[edit]



"Nyx... well, here's the thing. She's good at what she does. Be that punching Sabbat hard enough to split skulls, or be that knowing what is going on behind the scenes. She's someone to watch if she's not got your back." - Karissa Edwards