Losing a Character

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Characters are lost through two primary ways: death and retirement.


Combat is an aspect of the World of Darkness; vampires fighting for territory, or for blood, or just because they like fighting, among many other reasons. Also, putting a character into a permanent torpor will count as a 'death' if there is no plan to return that character to play. Sometimes, circumstances just aren't in our favor, and our characters die; and that's okay. When one character dies, a new character can be made to fit in the spot. There are a couple of rules regarding character death, however.

A Storyteller must be present for scenes that have a high chance of character death; this is to ensure fairness in the proceedings, so that there are no hard feelings OOC from a lost character. The ST cannot have a Conflict of Interest if presiding; e.g. one cannot oversee one’s own character’s death, or the death of an OOC or IC spouse or IC coterie mate; in these instances, the ST will nominate another ST or Narrator without a CoI to handle the situation.

When a character dies, a player may make a new character utilizing their accrued Longevity Experience and any Player Point perks that they choose to spend PP on. For information on both Longevity XP and PP, please refer to the Rewards document.


Sometimes, you've played through a character's story entirely. Or you've attempted to try something new and it just didn't quite work out. In those instances, a player may choose to retire a character; the character can go out in any way that the player wishes, but generally retirement means the character leaves play peacefully and alive in some form or fashion.

Retiring a character works, mechanically, like have a character who died. The player can make a new character using their accrued Longevity XP and any perks they choose to spend PP on. Unlike a character who died, however, retired characters have some rules regarding returning them to play. Retired PCs may be requested by staff to be portrayed as NPCs by their creator/player; otherwise, the PC is considered to be 'off in the background' doing things with their (un)lives away from the rest of the PCs.

Returning a Retired PC to Play[edit]

Sometimes, a player may want to return to play a retired character. To return a retired character to play, the player will need to speak with Storytelling Staff about the retired PC. Once Storytelling Staff determines that the return is valid (which likely won't be a problem), the PC is returned to play with the exact character sheet that they were retired with. No Longevity Experience is applied to this character, though the character's previously accrued Longevity will begin to accrue again. Example: Michelle retires Tsura after 8 months of play. Later, Michelle decides she'd rather play Tsura as she has found new inspiration for the character; when Tsura is returned to play, she will still have the 8 months of accrued Longevity XP.