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Clan Caitiff
Gender Male
Apparent Age Early-Twenties
Actual Age Embraced in the 1990's
Status Alive
Character Type PC

Basic Info[edit]

  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Notable Features: Always wears a shoulder covering for unknown reasons.
  • Status:
    • Abiding: N/A (independent)
    • Fleeting: Defender

Public History[edit]

The following is from stories gathered with Lore: Kindred.

Lazarus first came to recognition in early 2000 where he fought along a small sabbat pack hunting an infernalist. When they questioned him he said he had spent his time tracking the infernalist in an attempt to destroy all text in regards to the summoning of demons and kill those who had sold their soul for power. The sabbat offered him a place in the pack and worship of caine, which he denied as he said he had no interest in their conflict with the cammarilla or the stories of the antidiluvians. The pack took offense at his words but given the circumstances gave him a 5 minute head start before they attempted to kill him for his blasphemy.

He later traveled to the camerilla controlled city Columbus, OH where he introduced himself as the childer of a gangrel formally of their court who called himself Jackal, he said he had only come to inform them of their former allies death in a conflict with hunters. He also offered services as an investigator and a demon hunter but as he was a caitiff he was ignored and dismissed as useless. He later delivered information regarding a cult that had begun practice in the city but he went ignored until the cult attacked a gathering a toreador had arranged at a local museum. His information was credited to a nos as the court wouldn't admit that a caitiff could discover something the didn't. Lazarus was highly annoyed and left shortly after.

Lazarus takes no sides in the conflicts of the sabbat and camarilla but agrees that the sabbat are monsters that will have to be dealt with, but he leaves that part out when in sabbat territory.

Lazarus as demonstrated a proficient ability with auspex and obfuscate. He also prefers the use of firearms over direct combt as well as a broad academic knowledge base as well. He also seems to have some belief in god though admits he has no idea what god he is putting his hope in.


His ghoul Micheal is often,if not already accompanying him, seems to be a quick call away despite their attatude as partners insted of the traditional master/servent setup that many kindred have.

He also claims to have allies in both the cammerilla and sabbat saying that "When fighting hell one can't be picky about who he allies with."