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Clans are the largest defining structure of characters within the game. However, some Clans are changed slightly from their Laws of the Night: Revised core book notation due to setting, or have incomplete rules. As such, the changes to the Clans that we are using are recorded here.


  • Replace the Assamite Clan Disadvantage with: You take one health level of lethal damage for every Blood Trait of vampiric blood you ingest, though these Blood Traits do enter your Blood Pool after the damage is inflicted. You may not use Fortitude powers or other supernatural abilities to reduce this damage. You gain no benefits from diablerie.
    • A different Clan Disadvantage will be introduced if/when the Assamite Curse is broken.


  • Unless a Caitiff chooses specific Disciplines, they are considered to have Celerity, Potence and Presence as their Disciplines for which they need no teacher.
  • If a Caitiff chooses Necromancy or Thaumaturgy as their 'In-Clan' Discipline, they must detail which Path they are able to purchase without a teacher. A Caitiff may only learn Rituals in excess of what their levels of Thaumaturgy provide via the Occult Influence.


  • As noted in their Clan Advantage, Malkavian vampires are often able to instinctively identify one another. A Malkavian may engage an individual (once per night per individual) in a Mental Challenge (retest with Awareness) to determine if they are a Malkavian. However, it is impossible to determine if a vampire is a Malkavian while she is using powers that shield the mind (such as Mind Blank).
  • The powers Babble, Scrawl and The Call are only purchasable by Malkavians.


  • Replace the Nosferatu Clan Advantage with: When using Cloak of Shadows, the Nosferatu always invokes a test as if her Obfuscate was higher than the Auspex user trying to pierce her concealment. This alteration does not extend to uses of Cloak the Gathering.

Follower of Set[edit]

  • A Setite may choose to replace their Clan Advantage with: Followers of Set may purchase Setite Sorcery without the need for a teacher.


  • Tremere who take part in the Vaulderie immediately gain the Double Betrayer Flaw, with no points awarded.