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Current House Rules[edit]

The current House Rules document should be reflective of our game's full adoption of the new Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade, published by By Night Studios. If you have questions, comments or concerns regarding the changeover or any of the house rules, please see Storytelling Staff.

Unless otherwise stated, the following house rules apply to both our Camarilla/Anarch chronicle and our Sabbat chronicle.

Approved Books[edit]

We have completed a switchover to the new Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade and all information should come from this book. If you do not have access to this book, the following documents can be referenced, but there are areas that are superseded by the core Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade:

The following books are approved for background, history, character information and knowledge in Bloody Athens LARP, outside of our timeline alterations. You must be of that Clan or have appropriate Lore via the Lore Skill to have knowledge that is considered uncommon.

  • Clanbook Assamite (Revised) (WW2359)
  • Clanbook Brujah (Revised) (WW2351)
  • Clanbook Followers of Set (Revised) (WW2360)
  • Clanbook Gangrel (Revised) (WW2352)
  • Clanbook Giovanni (Revised) (WW2363)
  • Clanbook Lasombra (Revised) (WW2362)
  • Clanbook Malkavian (Revised) (WW2353)
  • Clanbook Nosferatu (Revised) (WW2354)
  • Clanbook Ravnos (Revised) (WW2364)
  • Clanbook Toreador (Revised) (WW2356)
  • Clanbook Tremere (Revised) (WW2357)
  • Clanbook Tzimisce (Revised) (WW2361)
  • Clanbook Ventrue (Revised) (WW2358)

Character Creation and Records[edit]

Please see the Character Creation document for the methods to create a character.

  • Character Records: All characters must have a completed character sheet, including a by-item log of starting dots and a line-by-line log of Experience Point awards and expenditures. Storytelling Staff must also have a copy of this on file, either via an electronic document or a second physical copy.
    • Any discrepancy between the Storytelling Staff copy of a sheet, and the player copy of the sheet will result in a default to the Storytelling Staff copy.

For a staff-created Excel file to use for your character records, please check here.

Starting Experience Points[edit]

For the Camarilla/Anarch chronicle, starting Experience Points are calculated based on the base book and our XP Floor.

  • Starting XP: Per the book, a character gains 30 Initial Experience Points.
  • XP Floor: A character gains 2 XP for every month that the Chronicle has been running. The Chronicle has been running since June 2013. As of December 2014, that is a total of 18 months. As of December 2014, a character gains an additional 36 XP, giving a total of '66 XP as of January 2015.

Additionally, a player may gain experience at creation in the following manner:

  • Creation Document - Filling out the character creation document can award you 5 or 10 additional starting Experience Points.
  • Purchasing a copy of Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade will earn an additional 10 Experience Points at any point.

Earned Experience Points[edit]

Characters generally earn Experience Points by playing in the LARP. However, we understand life comes before Pretendy Fun Time games. The XP Floor, described above, also applies to characters who are already in play, so that they are not so far behind the curve of everyone else.

  • XP Floor: For every month that a character did not gain XP from game, they will gain the 2 XP from the XP Floor. This XP Floor applies retroactively to all active characters in the LARP as of November 2013. See below for examples:
    • Tim has been in play since June 2013, but has missed 4 months of games. In addition to his earned XP, he would have 8 XP on top of that from the Floor.
    • James joined the LARP in March 2014, and has not missed a game. He would retroactively gain XP from the Floor from June 2013 through February 2014, netting him a total of 18 XP (9 months x 2 XP each).


Due to the length of the rules, particularly for individuals that may be coming from games that used extensive combat House Rules or from only New World of Darkness games, please refer to the Combat Primer (in revisions, should be up by end of January 2015).

Sect Membership[edit]

Camarilla/Anarch Chronicle[edit]

Currently, characters may only be members of the Camarilla, Independent or Anarch Movement sects.

  • Camarilla: Use the Camarilla Sect Rarity mechanics as per page 403 of the core rulebook.
  • Independent: Use the Camarilla Sect Rarity mechanics per page 403 of the core rulebook, with the following exceptions:
    • Independent Tremere are a 4 point Rarity Merit.
  • Anarch Movement: Use the Anarch Sect Rarity mechanics as per page 484 of the core rulebook.
    • Characters who are Anarchs, please refer to this wiki's Setting page, as we use a pre-Revised timeline which may affect your knowledge of the setting.
    • Anarch Movement special mechanics, such as Merits, Status Traits and others detailed in Chapter 11 of the Core are only available to those characters who are 'Committed to the Anarch Movement.

Clan Alterations[edit]

Due to some alterations to the setting (such as the Assamite setting notations noted in Setting and Timeline) documents, there are some alterations to Clans from Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade.


  • For Assamites in the Camarilla/Anarch chronicle (i.e., those still bound by the Tremere blood curse), replace the Assamite Clan Weakness with the following:
    • Blood Curse: An Assamite takes one health level of normal damage for every Blood Point of vampiric blood they ingest, though these Blood Points do enter your Blood Pool after the damage is inflicted. You may not use Fortitude powers or other supernatural abilities to reduce this damage. In addition, Assamites gain no benefits from Diablerie.
      • This applies to all Assamite castes/bloodlines in the Camarilla/Anarch chronicle. If an Assamite variation is listed as having an Alternate Weakness, the Alternate Weakness is considered an Additional Weakness.
      • This does not apply to Assamite antitribu in the Sabbat chronicle.
        • Depending on the outcome of aspects of the game's ongoing story, the Assamite Clan Weakness may revert to the standard one per the core.

Age and Background Restrictions[edit]


  • No character may be more than 700 years old. Additionally, while there is no age requirement for particular Generations, certain Generations tend to be less common the further back you get. For example, during the Dark Ages, a 13th Generation was considered a Thin Blood. When making backgrounds, please keep this in mind.


  • Characters who have a significant amount of background events and participation in the World of Darkness should fill out a Development Document. This will be beneficial to Storytelling Staff, and allow them to have both a better insight into your character and the capability to use background events to create personalized plot for you (and also, the DevDoc nets you 10 XP!).

Canon Character Ties[edit]

  • If you wish to have a canon NPC (such as Beckett, Anatole or Lucita y Aragon) as a mentor in backstory, please contact Storytelling Staff to discuss this.


Generation: Resistance Bonus[edit]

With the new incarnation of Mind's Eye Theatre, there has been a removal of the Generation-based complete resistance to Dominate and related powers. The players of Bloody Athens and Storytellers have agreed to the following system change:

  • Differences in Generation offer a Wild Card bonus to the target's Defense Pool, only if that Generation is lower than the user. This bonus is equal to the difference in Generation dots between the user and the target.
    • Example: Etienne, a Neonate, wishes to use Dominate on Carlyle, a Pretender Elder, a strange visitor who he has only been briefly introduced to and suspects is Sabbat. Carlyle, being of lower Generation, receives a Wild Card bonus of +2 to his Defense Pool due to having 2 more dots of Generation than Etienne.

Generation: Elder Slots[edit]

At current, we are using a system of what we call Elder Slots to determine the amount of Elders in play at any time. As the game grows, there will be more slots added. When a current Elder character dies, or their player opts to retire them, that Elder slot becomes open and a new character of the Pretender Elder Generation (3 dots) may be created. This limitation does not account for characters who manage to diablerize their way into those Generations or staff-created NPCs.

  • Current Elder Slots in the Camarilla/Anarch chronicle:
    • Elder Slot 1: CLOSED
    • Elder Slot 2: OPEN - 1 Player Interested/Unconfirmed


  • Any Military or Military-related entries may not be used in either the Elite or Underworld Influences.

Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade Changeover/Playtest Documents[edit]

As mentioned in the Social Contract, Bloody Athens LARP has implemented a change of rules to By Night Studios Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade now that the book is released. For ease of reference, Storytelling Staff is linking all of the MET:VtM playtest documents here so that players can peruse them as they wish. These documents may be used to build a base character; however, some information has been superseded by the full book release.