Graham Collins

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Graham Allen Collins
I'm sure we can make that deal work out. Now, look me in the eye, and...
Clan Ventrue
Gender Male
Apparent Age Early 30s
Actual Age 300+
Status Alive
Character Type NPC

Basic Info[edit]

  • Character Inspiration: Lex Luthor (DC Comics/Smallville)
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Gray
  • Height: 5' 11"
  • Notable Traits: Expensive suits, straight backed stance
  • Status: Acknowledged
    • Abiding: Noble, Confirmed, Established, Privileged
    • Fleeting:
  • Position: Ventrue Primogen

Public History[edit]

Graham Collins is probably one of the richest men in Lexington due to his connections in Keeneland, Red Mile, and many horse breeding institutions, as well as his ‘old money’ from his mortal days. He uses this as a way to power, believing heavily in the ‘money is power’ adage. He’s not well-liked due to his somewhat abrasive personality; he’s very condescending, but can warm up to people who have a like-minded business sense. Despite this, he is integral to the city as he holds sway over much business in the city.

Known Allies[edit]


Well, if there's one thing about Graham, is that he can rub you the wrong way like sandpaper, sometimes. As much as I don't like the guy, he hasn't done anything against the Ivory Tower’s RULES. He’s just kind of a dick." - Taylor Malloy