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In the Freehold of Lexington, the Seasonal Monarchs direct the Lost of Lexington in affairs. The Summer Court guards the Lost with the emotion of anger, directed hot and bloody at the True Fae and their agents. The Autumn Court brings fear to bear, itself a potent weapon in many way. The Winter Court brings sorrow, a driving force for the Lost to move forward and reclaim their lives and keep their friends and allies alive. And the Spring Court brings desire, a force that keeps people going and gives them purpose and drive. And in Lexington, the four Courts have long run on their cyclical reign. Many Lost come and go, but the Freehold of Lexington has long held against their enemies, both mortal and immortal.

When: March 29: Rooms 307, 309, Center Theatre and surrounding open area space

  • 10a-12p: Check-in.
  • 12p-5p: Mind’s Eye Society Changeling: the Lost LARP