Fredrrick Windsor

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Fredrrick Windsor
Clan Malkavian
Gender Male
Apparent Age 23
Actual Age 38
Status Active just a little busy.
Character Type PC

Public Information[edit]

Fred is a famous surrealist sculptor whose unique style is partly thanks to his synesthesia.

Like most malkavians Fred has strange visions that he claims gives him insight to the future. Most people write it off as a simple trick his mind plays on it, at least until he shows them he was right and says "So... who are yo gonna listen to next time?." He also claims to see visions of gehenna and the impending apocalypse but he is never taken seriously but he works to prevent it all the same.

Fred also seems to be extremely curious which would be only a minor issue except for the fact that Fred as never shown any combat prowess of any kind what so ever. He frequently ask questions and carefully analyzes anything he does not fully understand no mater what a terrible idea it may be. His recent analyses was of an artifacts that the former prince Alexandra had delivered to her museum for display, as soon as he was informed of what the exhibit was and saw pictures he immediately told the Prince to cancel the shipment because "It is just stupidly cursed, and that's not a vision I just know evil when I see it and damn is this thing evil." The prince paid no mind to his concerns and the artifacts were stolen for use in a ritual of a south American death priest who had possessed the artifacts and invaded his soul.


  • Didn't Fred say that stuff was cursed? Why would he offer to study them if...Yo don't think he got possessed on purpose to see what would happen do you?
  • Fred talks a lot about ghenna for a member of the cammerilla.
  • Why does Fred insist on teaching others dementation?
  • Ever wonder what is in Fred's book. All he says is it's the key to omnipotence but ther is know way that's true.


"Told ya so."