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Players can earn a number of rewards for participating in Bloody Athens LARP, both on an IC and OOC scale. These awards are divided into three categories:

  • Experience Points, for attending games and performing in-game actions such as Downtimes or character information documents
  • Longevity Experience, the reward for long-term play in the game
  • Player Perks, for providing out-of-game assistance and materials to the game.

Each of these types of player rewards is awarded by one, or both, of the staff of the game.

Experience Points[edit]

Characters earn Experience Points, often called XP, from participating in the game in a number of ways. The following is a breakdown of the common XP awards.

  • Session: 1-2 XP
  • Costume: 1 XP
    • A costume need not be something elaborate and intricate, though that is the most obvious way to go. Some part of wardrobe that is consistent, or even a style of wardrobe, can work. Always wearing a suit and tie, even if it's not the same ones; a particular hat or messenger bag. Something that makes your character easily identifiable.
  • Downtime: 1 XP

So if a character attended both sessions a month, in costume, and did downtimes they would receive 6 to 8 XP per month. Special events may award more XP, such as two-day special events.

Longevity Experience[edit]

When a player retires a character, or a character meets her unfortunate end, players are granted what is called Longevity Experience. This experience, though less than a character may have gained over their active lifespan, is a reward for continuing to play in Bloody Athens LARP.

  • Longevity is accrued for each month a character is in play.
  • When a character is retired or killed in game, the player may create a new character using this longevity. Each month of Longevity accrued grants a new character 5 XP at character creation.
    • Longevity overrides the standard starting Experience Points, unless Longevity would be less than standard starting Experience Points.
    • Characters who use Longevity may submit a new Development Document, as they are a new character. This DevDoc XP does not count towards their Longevity.

Example: Miranda's Gangrel character, Nastasha Grazi, dies defending the city from a Tremere traitor. Natasha had been in play for 10 months. Miranda's new Toreador character, Vivienne de Barbarac, would get 50 XP to start rather than the standard Starting Experience.

Player Points[edit]

Player Points, or PP, are primarily awarded for doing things that help the maintenance and ongoing out-of-character aspects of the LARP, though some things that affect the in-game world apply too. Such things as donating time to check-in, bringing snacks or drinks, portraying NPCs and even bringing new players. Player Points can be exchanged for certain benefits to a character, such as a free retest on a challenge, bonus Experience Points or even the capability to play a character beyond the normal limits of the LARP. However, once PP is spent, it's gone, though a player can earn more PP from helping the game on an OOC level.

Player Points are awarded as follows:

  • Snacks: 1PP
  • Bringing a New Player: 2PP
  • Hosting an Event: 5PP

Player Points may be spent on the following:

  • 2PP can be redeemed for 1 XP on an active character or a new character.
  • 1PP can be redeemed for a Retest in place of a Willpower.
  • 20PP can be redeemed to add an Elder Slot to the game, and reserve it for you. Afterwards, it goes into the Elder Slot cycling as detailed in House Rules.

For information on the Player Points system and redeeming them, please see Storytelling Staff.