Dominik Czerny

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Dominik Czerny
Dominik Czerny 1942 320px.jpg
Somewhere in northern Bohemia, spring 1942.
Clan Assamite
Gender Male
Apparent Age Mid-Twenties
Actual Age Embraced in the 1940s
Status Alive
Character Type PC

Basic Info[edit]

  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Notable Features: Apparent Eastern European heritage. Claims "Children of Haqim" as his clan. Not obviously on a Path of Enlightenment. Usually dresses in affluent casual style with a lapel pin of the Czechoslovak/Czech Republic national flag.
  • Status:
    • Abiding: N/A (independent)
    • Fleeting: Defender

Public History[edit]

Dominik arrived in Lexington in April 2014 with a letter of introduction from one of the Camarilla officials who frequently handles the Ivory Tower's dealings with the Mountain. He was sent to place his skills - intelligence analysis with a side of infernalist-hunting - at the domain's disposal. He inserted himself into the inquiries into the theft of Mesoamerican artifacts from a cultural exhibit sponsored by then-Prince Alexandra Markham and quickly demonstrated himself to be a capable investigator.

Subsequent events in which Dominik was a key player include the tracking and defeat of Malkavian Primogen and infernalist Dr. Mallory Baumgartner; the recovery of wayward Giovanni neonates from Louisville who had fallen in with the Sabbat; the resolution of attacks on Lexington's Masquerade by the Sabbat agent Morrigan; the investigation and defeat of Malkavian Primogen and proto-infernalist Fredrrick Windsor; and investigations into supernatural threats in the sewers and underworld beneath Lexington. In recognition of his service to the city, Prince Magnus granted him domain over Transylvania University, a claim subsequently upheld during Dmitri's praxis.

In August 2014, Dominik was part of the group that ventured into the underworld to locate and destroy the entity believed to be a Ravnos Methuselah whose torpid influence had been waxing in the domain. For this latter act, the newly-self-appointed Prince Dmitri acclaimed him Courageous. He was subsequently hailed as a Defender of the domain for his participation in the Blood Hunt against a rogue Nosferatu who had gone over to the Sabbat. In December 2014, Sheriff Randolph Morrison Clay appointed Dominik his deputy.

Dominik has demonstrated moderate proficiency with the Disciplines of Auspex and Celerity. He is a capable linguist, researcher, and marksman. He drives a dark blue Jaguar XJR (a replacement for a Cadillac CTS-V destroyed during the Fredrrick Windsor debacle). He has been observed to carry a customized Browning GP-35 and, when heavier firepower is called for, a sniper rifle or a compact AR-15 variant.

Known Allies[edit]

Surprisingly for a Child of Haqim, many of Dominik's closest associates in Lexington have been Tremere. He is a regular investigative partner of the Scourge, Thomas, and the Sheriff, Randolph, and served in a similar capacity for Magnus during that elder's tenure as Prince. In mid-2014, he formed a social and investigative coterie with two other neonates, the Tremere Quincy and the Toreador Riley Kauffman. He also seems to have the general regard of Harpy Davlin Flynn and several of the city's Gangrel.


He says he's just an academic. Don't believe him. He's an Assamite.


"I'm thinking of issuing a nightly infernalism forecast. It'll be somewhat like a weather forecast, but from Hell. And just for Lexington."

"Oh, yes. I almost forgot. Ai-yi-yi-yi, dirka-dirka, kill-murder-death-jihad. Now can we get back to this city's real problems?"