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Our Development Document is here to help players think in more depth about their characters, giving them a greater breadth of backgrounds, goals and other information to help round out the character. Staff will also use this document to help design plots that are tailored to your character, or utilize your backstory.

For you, the player, this Development Document can also earn you up to 10 Experience Points to put towards your character, and this XP can be earned for every character that you play and submit this for. When completed, simply copy/paste this into an email and submit this to Storytelling Staff.

The Questionnaire[edit]

Completing this section will earn you 5 Experience Points. At the end is an optional section that, by filling out, will gain an additional 5 XP as those are questions that can be turned directly into plot for your PC.

  • Who are you?

1. What is your character’s name (and pseudonyms), Clan, Sect Affiliation, and Generation?

2. What is your character’s concept?

3. What is your character’s lineage (sire, childer, etc.)?

4. How does your character dress?

5. What quirks and mannerisms does he/she have? Where do you come from?

6. When and where was your character born?

7. When and where was your character embraced?

8. What did your character do to survive as a mortal?

9. What was your character’s relationship with his/her family?

10. Who were your character’s enemies and friends as a mortal?

11. Was your character married? To whom? Did you have children? Who were they?

12. How much education has your character received?

13. Who still knows your character from when your character was alive?

14. Does your character have any living mortal relatives or descendants?

15. Why was your character embraced?

16. Has your character been part of any historical events, either as a mortal or as a supernatural?

17. What brought your character to their current domain and why does he/she remain there?

18. When and where has your character gone into torpor?

19. What countries have your character traveled to and when?

20. Has your character lost Morality and what actions caused it?

  • What do you have?

21. What is your character’s mortal alias, if any?

22. Does your character own a vehicle? Is it registered?

23. How does your character earn money to pay the bills?

24. Describe, in detail, your character’s haven and where it is. Is it shared with someone?

25. How well acquainted is your character with modern conveniences such as Television, Cell Phones, Computers, the Internet, etc?

26. How does your character go about paying the bills (Credit Card, Check, etc), and what identity does your character use to do it?

27. What sorts of official identification does your character have? Are they fake? (Birth Certificate, Driver’s License, Social Security #, Firearms Permit, etc.)

28. How did your character obtain these identifications?

29. Who are the mortals (or types of mortals) your character associates with and what is their relationship like? (Contacts, Allies, Retainers, friends, etc.)

30. What is your character’s most prized possession? Why this one?

31. How does your character perceive the mortal world? What use do they have in his mind?

32. How does your character usually go about feeding?

  • What are you doing?

33. What sort of plots and conflict are you looking to take part in with this character?(Puzzles, Investigation, Social Intrigue, Power Politics, PvE or PvP Physical Conflict, etc.)

34. What are your character’s goals for the next year?

35. What are your character’s goals you’d like to see accomplished during our chronicle?

36. What are the character’s goals which will likely not be accomplished during our (current) 5-year Plan Chronicle?

37. What draws your character to these goals in particular?

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

38. What does your character excel at? Provide an example.

39. Provide an example of a personal failure from your character’s history.

40. How did your character react to this failure?

41. What personality flaws does your character have?

42. What is something your character would never do?

43. What is something your character would die to protect?

44. What are your character’s greatest joys and loves?

45. What/whom does your character hate? Why?

46. What/whom does your character fear? Why?

  • Who do you know?

47. What are your character’s thoughts on their Clan?

48. What are the Traditions that your character thinks are most important? Why?

49. What are the Traditions that your character thinks are least important? Why?

50. Who or what is your character most loyal to and why?

51. Who are your character’s closest allies? Do they have a coterie?

52. How did they come to be part of your character’s existence and what bonds you together?

53. Who are your character’s long term enemies? Is there anyone that your character wishes vengeance against?

54. What is the nature of the conflict with these characters?

55. What are your character’s boon holdings and obligations?

56. What official position does your character aspire to? Why?

  • Five Extra Credit XP:

57. What is your character’s darkest secret? (1 XP)

58. Who is one PC who knows this secret? (2 XP)

59. Do you agree to have an NPC know this secret for use in plot at some later point? (2 XP)

60. How would the NPC have become aware of this secret?