Davlin Flynn

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Davlin Flynn
Some day I will get a pic
Clan Brujah
Gender Male
Apparent Age Mid to late 20's
Actual Age Over 200 years old
Status Alive
Character Type PC

Basic Info[edit]

  • Hair:Red
  • Eyes:Blue
  • Height:5'6"
  • Notable Features: Fiery red beard, aggressive attitude
  • Status:Prominent, Noble, Guardian, Acknowledged

Known Allies[edit]

Bobby Hornbuckle, Neonate Brujah Fred, Malkavian


"It seems that the brief friendship between Davlin and the Lasombra is over...that was quick. I wonder what happened?"

"Did you see Harpy Flynn? I dont know what happened to him, but he came to last court session dressed to the T's in a suit! I wonder who has him under their thumb now to make him do that?"

"It seems Mr. Flynn is doing an acceptable job in the role of Harpy. He certainly has a knack for rileing people up with it. I wonder who he will anger next?"

"Flynn claims that he is over 200, but to be that old and yet a neonate? That is just this side of unbelievable. He saunters around like an elder...is he lieing about how thin his blood is?"


"Get the fook aoutta my way, a'fore I have ta move ye."

"Time ta toss my javelin..." ::proceeds to toss someone/something nearby::

"Take one more step. I dare ya..."