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The character creation rules used in Bloody Athens LARP is per the new Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade book. It will be reiterated below, in brief form, for those without direct access to the book. Information on character creation can be found in the Blood and Betrayal packet, though some information has been superseded by the full book release. The packet can be referenced for base character creation, and any discrepancies will be handled when staff does a final approval of the PC.

Unless otherwise indicated, all of the following items apply equally to both our Camarilla/Anarch chronicle and our Sabbat chronicle.


Camarilla/Anarch Chronicle[edit]

This game is a Camarilla setting with some Anarch leanings. More information on the setting can be found on the Setting and Timeline pages. The city setting is Lexington, Kentucky in the modern nights.

  • Rarity: We utilize the Camarilla Rarity for clans, as detailed on p.403 of the MET:VtM core book. The number after the category of clan denotes the Merit Point cost for playing that clan.
    • Common Clans (0): Brujah, Caitiff, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere, and Ventrue
    • Uncommon Clans (2): Assamites (Vizier), Giovanni, Followers of Set, and Ravnos.
    • Rare Clans (4): Cappadocians (Samedi), Daughters of Cacophony, Gargoyles, Lasombra, Salubri, and Tzimisce (Carpathian)
      • Cappadocians default to the Samedi Bloodline and do not need to pay extra Merit Points for that Bloodline. Tzimisce default to the Carpathian Bloodline and do not need to pay the extra Merit Points for that Bloodline.
    • Restricted Clans (6): All others, or any Clan/Bloodline Combination that would require more than 7 Merit Points. When choosing something that would fall under a Restricted Clan, please see Storytelling Staff.
      • Bloodlines: If a Bloodline is not listed here, and you have questions on whether it would be allowed or not, please see Storytelling Staff.
    • Banned Clans/Bloodlines: Tlacique, True Brujah.

Character Concept[edit]

Decide on the following:

  • Who you were as a mortal?
  • Why you were Embraced?
  • Who you are as a Vampire?

Being more detailed in this section is preferable, and we have a Development Document that can be helpful for adding depth to a character. Also, submitting this document can earn your character up to an extra 10 Experience Points, and also gives staff an insight into your character so that we can tailor plots to you.

Character Creation[edit]

  • Choose a Clan: Please refer to pg. 403 of the MET: VtM book, or the Setting list above, for information on Clans. Please note that certain Clan or Bloodline choices will require the expenditure of XP on the appropriate Rarity Merit.
  • Choose an Archetype: Please refer to pg. 87 of the MET: VtM book for a list of Archetypes in use.
  • Denote Starting XP:
    • Camarilla/Anarch Chronicle: Starting Experience Points for a new character are 30 as per the core.
      • Add 10 for a completed development document (see above).
      • Add 10 for regularly making a hardcopy of the rulebook available during play.
    • Sabbat Chronicle: Starting Experience Points for a new character are 100.
      • Add 10 for a completed development document (see above).
      • Add 10 for regularly making a hardcopy of the rulebook available during play.

Assign Initial Attributes[edit]

Determine the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary priority in your Physical, Social, and Mental Attributes.

  • Primary: 7
  • Secondary: 5
  • Tertiary: 3

Choose Attribute Focuses[edit]

Choose one Focus in each Physical, Social and Mental Attributes. Certain Merits (see below) may grant additional Focuses. Information on Focuses can be found on p.91. It's often helpful to do some research on what you plan to buy for your character, to make sure your Focuses will be useful to you. Please note that, we are utilizing a rule that within 3 months of making the character and bringing them into play, if you feel the Focus you chose does not fit your character, you may change it for no cost. After 3 months have passed, your character must pay 10XP to change Focus in an Attribute.

  • Physical: Strength, Dexterity, Stamina
  • Social: Charisma, Manipulation, Appearance
  • Mental: Intelligence, Perception, Wits

Assign Initial Skills[edit]

A great breadth of Skills are available to characters in Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade, and even a starting character will have a breadth of skills.

  • Choose one Skill and give it 4 dots.
  • Choose two Skills and give them 3 dots each.
  • Choose three Skills and give them 2 dots each.
  • Choose four Skills and give them 1 dot each.
    • The skills Crafts, Performance and Science must be noted to have a field of study or interest, and must be bought separately for each skill. Example: Science: Psychology and Science: Chemistry would be purchased separately.

Assign Initial Backgrounds[edit]

Choose three Backgrounds of your choice and assign starting dots to them. Backgrounds can be found starting on pg. 98 of the core book.

  • Choose one Background and assign it 3 dots.
  • Choose one additional Background and assign it 2 dots.
  • Choose one additional Background and assign it 1 dot.
    • Note that to play a Vampire, you must have at least 1 dot of the Generation Background.
      • Currently, we are limiting our Generation maximum to 2 dots (or Ancilla, 9th Generation). We have Elder Slots that will be detailed in our House Rules section with more information about playing Pretender, Luminary or Master Elders in our chronicle. If you wish to play a ghoul, please see pg. 296 of the core book.

Assign Initial Disciplines[edit]

Your Clan determines your starting Disciplines. For Caitiff, make note of the expanded Discipline list if you plan to purchase the Vestiges of Greatness Merit.

  • Assign 2 dots to one of your in-clan Disciplines
  • Assign 1 dot to the other two.

Purchase Merits and Flaws[edit]

  • Camarilla/Anarch Chronicle: A character can have up to 8 total points of Merits. This includes any Merits that are required for Clan Rarity or Bloodline Rarity. These Merits are purchased with XP, either from your starting total (see above), or any points gained from taking Flaws.
  • Sabbat Chronicle: A character can have up to 7 total points of Merits.

You may also only gain an extra 7 Experience Points from Flaws, but the Merits and Flaws do not have to balance out. You may also take as many Flaws as you like, but you can only gain 7 XP total from Flaws.

Information on Merits and Flaws begins on p.248 of the core.

Spend Initial Experience[edit]

As our chronicle is a long-term game, new characters may not begin with the standard 30 Experience Points as detailed in the book. New characters benefit from either of the following:

  • For brand-new PCs, characters gain the standard 30 Initial Experience Points, and benefit from the XP Floor, which is 2 XP per month since chronicle start (July 2013). As of January 2015, this total is 36 XP. This would give a new PC a total of 66 XP (you can read more about the XP Floor on our Hosue Rules page).
  • New characters brought in after a character has died or been retired benefit from Longevity (for more info, see the House Rules page) in place of Initial Experience Points, unless Longevity would be lower than 30. This is 5 XP per month that the character had been in play (IE: if a character was in play for 9 months, they would start with 45 XP). The XP floor, described above, is placed on top of this.

A new PC can spend initial Experience Points on the following:

  • More dots in Attributes, Skills, and Backgrounds.
    • Generation is always purchased at New Dot x 2, and you must buy Generation sequentially. For example, if you start as a Neonate (1 dot of Generation) and wish to purchase your way up to Pretender Elder (and you qualify for an open Elder Slot), you would pay a total of 10 XP (Generation 2: 4 XP + Generation 3: 6 XP = 10 XP). Further, you 'MUST purchase any dots of Generation with XP before you sppend XP in any other area. This is due to the XP changes for the Generation dots.
  • More dots of In Clan Disciplines.
  • Dots of Out of Clan Disciplines. You cannot purchase higher than the 3rd dot of an Out of Clan Discipline at character creation.
    • Out of Clan Disciplines may only come from the Common Discipline list: Animalism, Auspex, Celerity, Dominate, Fortitude, Obfuscate, Potence, and Presence. You do not require a teacher for these are character creation.
  • Techniques, as long as you meet the Prerequisites.
  • Elder Powers, as long as your Generation is appropriate.
  • Increased Morality rating.

Experience Point costs are based on your Generation, and a chart of costs can be found on pg. 108 of the core book.

You may bank up to 5 Experience Points from character creation, which becomes earned XP.

Finishing Touches[edit]

  • Record Blood Pool information based on Generation.
  • Record starting Health Levels.
  • You may voluntarily drop your Humanity rating if you feel it fits your character.

Storytelling Staff has final approval on any character and may ask that you make adjustments before bringing your PC into play. If you have questions, don't hesitate to email Storytelling Staff with them.