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Not long before the start of Bloody Athens LARP, a new company, By Night Studios had been announced as having purchased the rights to publish new Classic World of Darkness Mind's Eye Theatre products, starting with Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade.

Storytelling Staff, after the change from an MES-affiliated LARP to a troupe LARP, kept a running tab on the development process for the new MET: VtM book, and in July presented the 'Alpha Slice' rules preview to the majority of the LARP. The streamlined rules, in-built limitations and actual mechanical reasons to not shoot for as low generation as possible sold most everyone at that point. Unfortunately, not enough was released at the time to make a changeover.

Now, however, there has been a second document released containing the remainder of the Clans and their information. Using this, Storytelling Staff sat down and went over everything and presented it to the players in October: do we wish to switch, and also give feedback to By Night Studios, or do we want to continue on with the old Laws of the Night MET?

The answer was an overwhelming 'yes, switch'. And so the LARP has switched over to the new rules as a 'beta' test of sorts. All current players are updated to the new rules as per the beta, and now with the full book released as of December. If you are planning on making a character, feel free to browse through the document links below, which (as of 12/24/13) are currently viable to use to base build a character.

The documents we are using for the 'beta' are freely available, and can be found at the links below. A rough list of the changes and features are as follows:

  • Tests: Resolution of tests and challenges are still done via Rock-Paper-Scissors. No more Bomb or Win On Ties exists, however.
    • Retests: Retests have been pared down to no more than 2 per challenge, unless a power or Merit grants an exception to that rule. This has made combat go SO much faster.
    • Success/Exceptional Success: Exceptional Success is a new mechanic that gives extra rewards for people who have higher total pools, unlike LotN where it was primarily for overbidding.
  • Traits: Traits are no longer descriptive words; rather you have Attributes and Skills. Attributes are divided into Physical, Social, and Mental, each allowing a Focus in the typical attributes from tabletop, and there is a list of 26 skills.
    • Traits are otherwise used to make a 'test pool' for dealing with difficulties for challenges, overbidding, and Exceptional Success.
  • Sects, Clans and Bloodlines: The book itself will be divided into setting sections based on the three major sects (Camarilla, Sabbat, Anarch Movement), with a mixed option; each setting details the common, uncommon, rare and restricted Clans and Bloodlines available for that sect (eg. playing a Toreador in a Camarilla game is common, but a Ravnos is uncommon, and a Lasombra Antitribu is rare).
    • Playing rare clans and bloodlines falls under Merits (see below), self-limiting the availability.
  • Merits: Redone as 'the cool stuff,' Merits are where a character will have to make some hard choices, as you only have 7 points of Merits ever.
    • As noted above, playing some Clans or Bloodlines costs a 2, 4, or 7 point Merit in various settings. As well, each Clan has a number of Merits that are specific to that Clan or Bloodline.
  • Disciplines: Every Discipline has been reworked, rebalanced and seems to have a great flavor and utility. Even things that had no hard defined mechanics in LotN, such as early levels of Chimeristry.

The documents for Alpha/Beta of the system can be found at:

If you have questions about the changeover, you can check the House Rules page or email Storytelling Staff.