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Sigil of Clan Ravnos
Nickname Gypsies
Disciplines Animalism, Chimeristry, Fortitude

General Information[edit]

The Ravnos are driven by a clanwide compulsion for larceny and deception, as well as a powerful wanderlust. These masters of illusion, primarily of Indian and Gypsy stock, owe allegiance to themselves first, their clan second, and to no one else at all. Certainly the most loosely organized of the unaligned clans, the nomadic Ravnos are scattered across the world. They travel freely between Camarilla and Sabbat territory, for most princes have learned that it is more trouble to attempt to keep a Ravnos from one's city than to wait for the wastrel vampire to become bored and move on.

The Ravnos of Lexington[edit]

Ravnos are very seldom seen in Lexington; past history with the majority of the Clan has led to the Independents not being the most trustworthy. Despite this, one or two have shown enough measure of worth to be allowed in the city, notably Tsura, who had a good working relationship with the previous Price.

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