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Sigil of Clan Malkavian
Nickname Kooks, Madmen, Lunatics
Disciplines Auspex, Dementation, Obfuscate

General Information[edit]

Even other Damned fear the Malkavians. The cursed blood of their clan has polluted their minds, with the result that every last Malkavian across the world is incurably insane. What's worse, a Malkavian's madness can take nearly any form, from overpowering homicidal tendencies to near-catatonia. In many cases, there's no way to tell a Malkavian apart from the "sane" members of other clans. Those few whose psychoses are immediately obvious are among the most terrifying vampires to stalk the streets.

The Malkavians of Lexington[edit]

The Malkavians have been a pillar of Lexington's Kindred society since the city's first Kindred citizens. Though many have come and gone, their madness is tolerated due to their insight in what has been, in the past, a contested territory. The previous Seneschal, Miriam Winter is of Clan Malkavian.

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