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Sigil of Clan Caitiff
Nickname Trash
Disciplines Varies

General Information[edit]

Seduced and abandoned by their sires, the Caitiff are everywhere on the fringes of Camarilla society. Clanless and unwanted, the Caitiff are the results of one-night stands, infatuations, frenzied embraces and out right mistakes. Most have hazy recollections, at best, of sire and embrace; some have none whatsoever. Stumbling along in the haze of a new existence, each eventually discovered the key to survival---usually in the form of another Caitiff looking out for the new comer---or died trying.

The Caitiff of Lexington[edit]

As with most cities, the Caitiff are mostly relegated to second-class citizenry, though under the rule of Dhamon Kendrick, and his policy of 'contribute to the city' the Caitiff were at least guaranteed some measure of safety. With the recent changing of the guard and the ascension of Alexandra Markham to Prince, even useful Caitiff may find themselves on the short end of the stick.

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