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Sigil of Clan Brujah
Nickname Rabble
Disciplines Celerity, Potence, Presence

General Information[edit]

Clan Brujah is largely composed of rebels, both with and without causes. Individualistic, outspoken, and turbulent, Brujah hold social change near to their undead hearts, and the clan's ranks contain some of the most violent of the Camarilla Kindred. Most other vampires perceive the Brujah as nothing more than punks and miscreants, but the truth of the matter is that genuine passion lies behind their polemics.

The Brujah of Lexington[edit]

The Brujah have been part of Lexington's population since the mid-1800s, and have always been welcomed in the city. The last long-standing Prince of Lexington, Dhamon Kendrick, was of Clan Brujah.

Davlin Flynn is the current Harpy of the City of Lexington. His red beard and accent give him away for being Irish from somewhere in his past, as does his willingness to brawl. He shows a clear disdain for most Toreador and Ventrue, but there are some members of both who have earned a begrudged respect.

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