Announcements from the Office of the Sheriff

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In the interests of the Commonweal and the smooth operation of our domain. I would like to announce certain policy decisions from the Office of the Sheriff, that we can know and understand how best we can function together.

  • The Office of the Sheriff is open to consulting with experts in various occult fields. Where practicable, Such consultation (if it turns out to be helpful) will be repaid in Status. Where not practicable, We may repay such consultancy with Boons or cash. It should be understood VERY CLEARLY, that while an individual may be owed boons by the Office of the Sheriff, Such boons WILL NOT deter us from the performance of our duties.
  • Generally Speaking, If the Sheriff has been dispatched to bring someone in for questioning, it means that our Prince/Seneschal intends to handle the matter in a public fashion. Frankly, I don't wish to pursue violence against a member of our community unless I am forced to do so. BY YOU. In fact, coming along willingly is usually in your favor in our jurisdiction.
  • The Office of the Sheriff takes an extremely dim view of the Malkavian Tradition of Pranking.
  • The Office of the Sheriff take an extremely dim view of driving another kindred into frenzy through mystical or mundane means on Elysium grounds.
  • It has been noted that my Staff is made up of an Assamite and a Caitiff. Anyone attempting to give either of my deputies any difficulties during the performance of their duties will recieve social censure of a most serious nature.
  • If you have a ghoul, it is in your interest to have them registered publicly with the Sheriff's office. Publicly registered ghouls may enjoy the protections under Kindred law and if destroyed by another kindred redress can be sought. If you keep ghouls secretly, that's up to you, but if they are destroyed, you will find us unsympathetic.