Alexandra Markham

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Alexandra Markham
Alexandra Markham.jpg
Life of the party.
Clan Toreador
Gender Female
Apparent Age Mid-20s
Actual Age 80+
Status Alive
Character Type NPC

Basic Info[edit]

  • Character Inspiration: Maureen Johnson (RENT), Roxy Hart (Chicago)
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Height: 5' 6"
  • Notable Traits: Short, flapper haircut, 'modernized' flapper or other stylish clothes
  • Abiding Status: Acknowledged, Authority, Commander, Sovereign
  • Position: Prince of Lexington

Public History[edit]

Alexandra is a child of the 20s, even in the modern day. She is very much a social butterfly, extremely outgoing and rather well-liked by both mortals and Kindred; she has a tendency to ‘tell it like it is,’ and enjoys going to and throwing lavish parties and galas, but is also just as capable in smaller street gatherings of artists and performers. She is well-liked by the Prince and her club, Notorious, is often loaned out to Clan Brujah for Rants; she seems to have an extreme love of the spoken word as an art form.

  • Alexandra ascended to the position of praxis in December of 2013, after the destruction of Dhamon Kendrick at the hands of a Gargoyle.

Known Allies[edit]


"She must always be the center of attention. If one didn't know better, one would think that her enchanting presence was a side-effect of her Embrace." - Dr. Mallory Baumgartner